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Terraform Provider for OpenNebula Now Officially Approved

Alberto P. Martí

VP of Open Source Innovation at OpenNebula Systems

Nov 28, 2019

Back in July, Jean-Philippe Fourès announced on this very same blog that Iguane Solutions had made an exciting contribution to the OpenNebula Add-on Catalog in the form of a new Terraform Provider. Today we are extremely happy to confirm that, after several weeks of hard work led by Iguane Solutions and OpenNebula Systems, the Terraform Provider for OpenNebula has now been officially approved by HashiCorp!

Terraform is used to create, manage, and manipulate infrastructure resources (e.g. physical machines, VMs, network switches, containers, etc.). Almost any infrastructure noun can be represented as a resource in Terraform. 

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The Provider Development Program allows vendors to build Terraform providers that are officially approved and tested by HashiCorp and listed on the official Terraform website. Terraform providers are written in the Go programming language and they are all required to contain a MPL-2.0 open source license.

A provider is responsible for understanding API interactions with the underlying infrastructure, in this case OpenNebula. It then exposes these as resources users can code to. Terraform presently supports more than 70 providers, a number that has more than doubled in the past 12 months. And now, OpenNebula is officially on that list, right on top of OpenStack! 😉

As HashiCorp makes very clear during the process, getting the provider built is just the first step in enabling users to use it against the infrastructure. Once this is done, on-going effort is required to maintain the provider and address any issues in a timely manner. The expectation is to resolve all critical issues within 48 hours and all other issues within 5 business days, and that’s exactly what we intend to do.

Big thanks to the people that made this achievement possible. Kudos for all of them!

Iguane Solutions team:

OpenNebula Systems team:

External contributors:

Special thanks as well to Chris Griggs, Partner Solutions Engineer at HashiCorp, for his feedback and assistance during the whole process.

To wrap it up

The official repository is now hosted by HashiCorp: 

And here you’ll find the official documentation for the Terraform Provider for OpenNebula:

Don’t forget to send us your comments and questions. Enjoy!


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