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OpenNebula with LXD Using MiniONE

Jan Orel

Cloud Engineer at OpenNebula

Mar 6, 2019

One of the biggest features in the recent OpenNebula 5.8 “Edge” release is, no doubt, the support for Linux containers (LXD) – which we already covered in our blog.

If you are tempted to give it a try, go ahead, it’s really simple! You can start in AWS with the common Ubuntu 18.04 image and the whole setup from start to finish won’t take you more than a matter of minutes.

icon miniONE

The minimal recommended size is perhaps t2.medium.  Just give it at least 25GB disk space and allow access to the 9869 TCP where the WebUI is running.

Then it comes to the simple deployment for which you can download miniONE


grant execution permission to the tool

chmod u+x minione

and deploy the OpenNebula with pre-configured LXD environment just by running

sudo minione --lxd

When it’s done, you can follow the MiniONE guide try-out section to launch your first containers. “miniONE” prepares one image and template for you – Centos7 – KVM, but no worries about the name as it works also for LXD. Also, the virtual network is exactly the same – no differences at all. The scheduler just checks what available hosts (hypervisors) there are and decides what to launch. And as we run miniONE with the –lxd parameter, the LXD host will be configured.

Follow along step-by-step in the following screencast video:

VideoButton  OpenNebula 5.8 – Install with LXD containers in minutes using miniONE

Feel free to check other images from the OpenNebula Marketplace, or you can also create an additional Marketplace with backend which contains plenty of upstream LXD containers.

Give it a shot, and share your feedback!


  1. Leo

    Does not work?
    $ sudo minione –lxd
    sudo: minione: command not found

  2. Leo

    Was stuck in ping mode
    Ctrl + C – to escape it. Re-ran script. got this error. ( Also have to install ssh or script fails in the beginning)
    ### Checks & detection
    Checking minionebr interface is not present FAILED

    What now? I am just going to use something else , this is super annoying that it is suppose to just work and ir doesnt.

  3. Jan Orel

    There was a hardcoded older version of the tool (5.8) which could have some problems. I updated the post referring to the latest minione.

    You can give it one more try. In case of errors, before trying again it’s better to flush the installation with `–purge` first. Feel free to reach us on or


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