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OpenNebulaConf 2013: Recordings, Presentations and Pics

Tino Vazquez

Chief Operating Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Oct 10, 2013

opennebulaconf collage

A very good atmosphere was created and breathed by all the participant at the OpenNebulaConf 2013 last month in Berlin. Hugely interesting, techie chats were held all over the place in small groups, with people taking the chance to explain how do they use OpenNebula in their infrastructures to build the IaaS layer that they want, not the one that the Cloud Management Platform imposes. That is the great thing about OpenNebula’s modular architecture.

So if you want to remember the great ambience of the conference, or if you haven’t got a chance to attend, here is your opportunity to (re)visit the knowledge shared in the conference in the form of recordings of the keynotes and talks. Also, you can check out the presentations of the speakers if you want to consult a particular detail that you do not quite remember. And, to make the experience even more immersive, scout through the conference pictures.

All the above is great, and you will feel almost as if you were there if you didn’t. And we say almost because, as CentOS project director, Karanbir Singh, said, the real value of a conference is what happened behind the scenes, between talks, during the fantastic evening event.

So, if you liked what you just saw, make sure you save the date for 2-4 December, 2014!.


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