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Presenting OpenNebula’s new Edge Cloud Architecture at FOSDEM 2022

Alberto P. Martí

VP of Open Source Innovation at OpenNebula Systems

May 6, 2022

Back in February, we participated in FOSDEM 2022, the iconic Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting. Now, the recording of our presentation is finally ready! 🥳 This year the event followed again a virtual format, but it was nonetheless a great success—as always. FOSDEM this year had developer rooms covering BSDs, graphics, containers, OpenJDK, Apache OpenOffice, trusted computing, JavaScript, Kotlin, LLVM, MariaDB, Mozilla, microkernels, and many other amazing topics.

Our own Alejandro Huertas (Senior Cloud Engineer) did his part presenting OpenNebula’s new distributed Edge Cloud Architecture at the Virtualization & IaaS DevRoom. He explained how this innovative model (based on the new features we’ve developed as part of the ONEedge project) is able to manage Edge Clusters working on any workload (Virtual Machines and application containers), on any resource (bare-metal or virtualized), and anywhere (on-prem and on a cloud/edge provider). Pretty cool, right? 🤓

But… What Is an Edge Cluster?

An OpenNebula Edge Cluster, built on open source technologies that already exist in the Linux operating system, is a hyperconverged functional set of managed objects that include storage, network, and host resources. It provides all the resources needed to run virtualized or containerized applications. OpenNebula’s management services, including scheduling, monitoring, and life-cycle management, run in the cloud Front-end and orchestrate the local or remote Edge Clusters from there. The benefits of deploying this multi-provider edge architecture with OpenNebula are countless! Check out Alejandro’s talk below, and long live FOSDEM! 🇧🇪

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