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OpenNebula joins Layer123 Reunion

Alfonso Carrillo Aspiazu

VP Telco Cloud & Edge at OpenNebula Systems

May 4, 2022

Last week I was invited to take part in Layer123 Reunion 2022, which was held physically in Madrid (Spain) 🇪🇸 Layer 123 offers a neutral platform for debate, analysis, and contribution for those companies which are the center of the digital transformation. The goal is to share best practices and drive innovation. The host partner of this edition was Telefónica, the leading Spanish telecom/5G operator.

Among other events organized by Layer123, this particular congress examined the strategies of various sectors in the telecom industry with the aim to achieve the vision of overhauling manually intensive operational frameworks to realize the benefits of the cloud model. The agenda covered a lot of different key subjects such as NFV, Automation and Orchestration, and Quantum Technology, with the precious contributions of technology experts coming from the main enterprises of the business—including OpenNebula! 🤓

Traditional Communication Service Providers will need to evolve into Digital Service Providers in order to survive the onslaught of Cloud Service Providers entering the market, especially hyperscalers. Taking this into account, we contributed with a presentation on how OpenNebula is using open source for building an alternative solution for deploying and managing highly-distributed infrastructure at the edge

OpenNebula has been helping telecom and 5G operators for several years now in developing innovative edge computing business models that avoid vendor lock-in and extend their services to the edge, and we are now exploring different technical solutions together with other key players in the field to build the new generation of edge service providers.

For speakers and full agenda click here.

Layer123 Speakers


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