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Recapitulation of the last 3 TechDays

Jaime Melis

Jul 14, 2015

On behalf of the whole OpenNebula Team we would like thank all the people who participated in the 3 wonderful TechDays that took place in the last weeks:

Many thanks to all the speakers for doing such a great job and sharing their ideas with the audience: Eliot Eshelman (Vice President at Microway, Inc), Varadarajan Narayanan (CEO at Megam), Alex Gorbachev (Intelligent Systems Services Inc), Jimmy Goffaux (Ingénieur Administration Système at IPPON HOSTING), Daniel Dehennin (Ac-Dijon), Guillaume Oberlé (Université de Strasbourg), Chris Johnston (Principal Platform Architect, Cloud Team at BlackBerry Limited) and Khoder Shamy (Principal Technical Lead, Cloud Team at BlackBerry Limited).

You can find the slides in the page for each TechDay.

We would like to give a special shout-out to the audience for all the 3 events, for being especially engaged and friendly. Quality conversations and lots of great networking. Thanks a lot!

Remember, if you want to bring the TechDay to your hometown, drop us a line and we will be happy to oblige!

See you next time!


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