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How We Use OpenNebula at Fuze

Khoder Shamy

Nov 3, 2016


Fuze, headquartered in Cambridge, MA with additional locations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, is a global, cloud-based unified communications platform that empowers productivity and delivers insights across the enterprise through a single unified voice, video, and messaging application. Fuze allows the modern, mobile workforce to seamlessly communicate anytime, anywhere, across any device. With Fuze, customers have a single global carrier network leveraging a resilient private cloud infrastructure and QoS-engineered network to deliver the best enterprise-class IP PBX voice service available.

Given the company’s record momentum and growth, scaling the private cloud infrastructure to meet the global expansions and growth is a key to its customers’ satisfaction. In mid-2015, we deployed OpenNebula as part of the Fuze Private Cloud Management Stack to achieve a continuously reliable growing private cloud spanning Fuze global infrastructure.

Here’s a quick look at the key features of OpenNebula that powered Fuze Private Cloud:

  • Simple and lightweight deployment and easily extendable being open source.
  • Self-Serve capability through GUI (Sunstone), CLI and API.
  • Multi-tenancy built-in providing segregation among internal workloads.
  • Supporting Agile DevOps by abstracting underlying infrastructure and supporting mainstream hypervisors besides public cloud bursting.
  • Automated VM Orchestration via contextualization that personalize instances on instantiation time.
  • Service Orchestration provided by OneFlow and OneGate that support multi-tier applications using role based instances. Besides, OneFlow has the ability to apply auto-scaling and recovery rule support based on either generic or custom application attributes pushed via OneGate.

Currently, Fuze Private Cloud has a central OpenNebula deployment in a data center in the eastern part of the US. This fault tolerant OpenNebula deployment is configured to connect and manage Fuze data centers across US East/ West, Australia, Asia, and Europe.


VMware ESXi/vCenter 6.0 is the dominant virtualization technology used across its data centers backed by SAN-based storage and we also use Amazon Web Services. OpenNebula leverages the SOAP API offered by each DC vCenter to manage the entire global cloud infrastructure and present it to the different engineering teams as an effective single orchestration pane of glass. In addition, we connected OpenNebula to a few AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPCs) with dedicated tenancy that it bursts into where applicable.

We are currently running OpenNebula 5.0 which brought in enhanced user experience through Sunstone and renamed lifecycle states along a redesigned Marketplace. We will upgrade to OpenNebula 5.2 soon to make use of the upgraded hybrid cloud drivers.

Overall, the OpenNebula project has taken Fuze Global Private Cloud to the next level and continues to be a fundamental factor for continuous innovation and customer satisfaction.


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