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Transitioning to Open Source: OpenNebula’s Strategy in Response to VMware’s Market Shift

Michael Abdou

Customer Success Manager at OpenNebula Systems

Jun 26, 2024

A New Era in Cloud Technology

In recent months, VMware has significantly disrupted the cloud technology marketplace. This upheaval began with the completion of its acquisition by Broadcom, followed by strategic shifts that have had far-reaching implications. Notably, VMware’s decision to concentrate on serving its top-tier customers has left a substantial portion of its broader customer and partner base searching for alternative solutions. This strategic pivot has particularly affected mid-tier and smaller enterprises that have long depended on VMware’s offerings.

The complexity of migrating from VMware’s infrastructure varies depending on the size and nature of the infrastructure. For many companies, these migrations can be challenging and may even pose a crisis, especially for those needing to deliver uninterrupted services or applications.

In response to these significant market changes, OpenNebula Systems has strategically decided to enhance its focus on providing enterprise-level, open technology cloud solutions. Our objective is to offer a comprehensive, open-source alternative to the VMware suite, designed to meet the diverse needs of the broader market. This initiative represents a major step in our commitment to delivering robust, flexible, and scalable cloud solutions.

OpenNebula 6.10: The Last Version with VMware Drivers

Moreover, the upcoming release of OpenNebula 6.10 will be a landmark in our product evolution, as it will be the final version to include VMware drivers. OpenNebula 6.10 will be a Long-Term Support (LTS) version, ensuring support for at least 27 months from its release date. This extended support period gives current VMware users ample time to manage their existing VMware infrastructure using OpenNebula. However, it’s important to note that OpenNebula 6.10 will only support the current version of VMware (v.8.0) and will not include updates for future VMware releases.

Facilitating the Transition to Open Source

To assist VMware customers and partners in transitioning to a fully open-source and open technology stack, OpenNebula Systems has introduced a VMware Migration Service. This service, provided by our OpenNebula Systems Professional Services Team, offers expert support to IT teams migrating virtual machines from ESXi to KVM-based OpenNebula environments. The service is designed to ensure a smooth, efficient migration process based on a validated, customer-provided migration plan.

Free Professional Services for Existing Customers

For our existing OpenNebula Enterprise customers using VMware infrastructure, we offer this Professional Migration Service free of charge. This gesture reinforces our commitment to supporting our customers through this transition, ensuring they can leverage the full benefits of an open source cloud solution without incurring additional costs.

Join Us on the Hybrid Multi-Cloud Journey

We invite all interested parties to reach out to us by filling the form you’ll find once you click on the button below, to explore how OpenNebula can guide and assist them on their hybrid multi-cloud journey. Our team is ready to provide the expertise and support needed to transition to a more open, flexible, and future-proof cloud infrastructure.

By embracing this new direction, OpenNebula Systems aims to fill the gap left by VMware’s strategic shift, offering a reliable and innovative cloud solution that meets the evolving needs of enterprises worldwide.


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