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November 2021 – OpenNebula Newsletter

Alberto P. Martí

VP of Open Source Innovation at OpenNebula Systems

Dec 1, 2021

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The big event of the month has been, no doubt, the release of our new version 6.2 “Red Square”! 🚀 This second stable release of the new Series 6 comes with a number of improvements and new features, including a Beta version of the new Sunstone interface, built using React/Redux. With this new GUI we are aiming at improving user experience and performance, so give it a try and please send us your feedback!


November has also witnessed another major event: the Gaia-X Summit 2021! Gaia-X is a new federated data infrastructure that will offer its users (governments, companies, and citizens) the ability to decide how and where data is stored, proceed, and used. Gaia-X aims for creating standards, fostering open source software communities, and facilitating dataspaces creation. OpenNebula joined the Gaia-X Association in 2020 as Day-1 Member, and has now supported this second Gaia-X Summit as Platinum Sponsor.

This month we’ve also joined a new initiative launched back in October by IBM at All Things Open: the Open Source Cloud Guide. This new online resource for developers highlights various use cases that are important in hybrid cloud environments, features the important open source projects in those areas, and discusses how various clouds are using open source in their offerings. You’ll find us at the open source container orchestration section 🤓


November has also been full of open source events… After participating in Cloud Expo Europe (Madrid) in late October—our very first physical event since early 2020!—this month we’ve also had a chance to join our colleagues from Canonical, LINBIT, NextCloud, and Collabora at the Enterprise Open Source Day organized by Factor Group.

But that’s not all! We’ve also been in Paris participating in the first edition of the Open Source Experience. With over 70 exhibitors and more than 150 talks, round tables, and debates, we can definitely call it a success! Our talk was focused on the potential of open source technologies like ONEedge for the 5G/Telecom industry, especially when it comes to using edge computing to bring some balance to a cloud market dominated by just a handful of hyperscalers…

See you in a few days at the (now virtual) Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt!

PS: Take care of yourselves and of those around you. All our support to those who are fighting the pandemic on the front lines! 💪


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