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OpenNebula Newsletter – August 2011

Borja Sotomayor

Aug 9, 2011

Here is our newsletter for August 2011, summarizing news from the previous month that you may have missed on our blog and Twitter feed.


The OpenNebula team released the first beta of OpenNebula 3.0. This third major release brings many new features, such as multi-tenancy, support for Open vSwitch and VLAN tagging (IEEE 802.1Q), an enhanced SunStone portal with usage graphics and cloudwatch-like functionality, and many improvements in VM template management, monitoring and account. Another exciting feature in OpenNebula 3.0 is the support for Virtual Data Centers using OpenNebula zones. OpenNebula zones also offer centralized management of multiple instances of OpenNebula, potentially hosted in different geographical locations.

We also announced the release of new VMWare drivers that are compatible with the new 3.0 release.


Carsten Friedrich wrote a blog post on how to extend OpenNebula’s LDAP authentication module.

The CFEngine project has provided documentation on how to use CFEngine to deploy an OpenNebula private cloud in an automated fashion.


Ken Barber, from Puppet Labs, gave a talk in Manchester titled “Controlling your Cloud: Puppetising OpenNebula“.

Florian Feldhaus’s work on OCCI v1.1 support for OpenNebula was presented at the 2011 SNIA Cloud Plugfest

We have a few more outreach events planned for September. If you’ll be at any of these events and would like to meet with a member of the OpenNebula team, don’t hesitate to let us know!


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