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OpenNebula Newsletter – November 2015

Tino Vazquez

Chief Operating Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Dec 1, 2015

Check this Newsletter to find out the what kept us busy this month: latest developments, events and future plans for the upcoming months.

We are very proud to celebrate the 8th birthday of the OpenNebula Project. Eight years developing OpenNebula has been a great adventure and experience for the OpenNebula project, and we are sure that it has been also a great ride for you. Thanks for being such an excellent open source community!


The team has released this past month a new maintenance release for Great A’Tuin, the 4.14.2. This release comes with several bug fixes found after the 4.14 release. These bug fixes cover different OpenNebula components like the Cloud View self service portal, Sunstone web interface, OpenNebula Core and several drivers (VM, IM, Network, Auth), as well as with the OneGate component. Check the full list of bug fixes in the development portal.

This maintenance release also includes several improvements in several OpenNebula components. Cloud View and Sunstone have very interesting new features that boost usability and productivity, whereas other areas have been improved for security and reliability. vCenter integration has also received its share of love, with interesting new features like VMware Customization spec support. Check out the full list of improvements introduced in this release in the documentation.

A new version of the AppMarket, 2.1.0, has also been released. This new version solves issues reported by the community and has been verified to work with OpenNebula 4.14.2 and the new Sunstone design.

And last, but not least, new version of the context packages has been also released. This new version of the packages come with new features like support for contextualization in EC2 VMs (yay!), OneGate token for vCenter and EC2 VMs, and better SSH configuration support. From now on the context packages are splitted in two, the version for KVM, XEN and vCEnter and other for EC2 instances.

The project is also committed to produce needed documentation to aid users designing and building their clouds. In this regard, it may be of your interest the new VMware Cloud Reference Architecture, to define our recommendations to build private and hybrid clouds on top of vCenter infrastructures.


There are amazing projects featured by the OpenNebula community. We want to let you know about these quality projects in this section, as we are sure they might be of your interest.

Our friends at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia are producing great tools for OpenNebula. For instance, CloudVAMP, a vertical elasticity oversubscription manager for OpenNebula. Check it out if you want your VMs to adjust their capacity automagically!. Another great contribution from them is ONEdock, a set of drivers for OpenNebula to enable the use dockers as if they were virtual machines.

Support for new storage backends is a much welcome addition to OpenNebula, like this new ZFS driver for OpenNebula, enabling the the possibility of using ZVOL volumes instead of plain files to hold the Virtual Images.
Documentation is a great asset, often underestimated. We want to a big thanks to Adrian for their OpenNebula tutorial in spanish, very useful to foster OpenNebula adoption. Also important for adoption is the ability to roll out OpenNebula easily. That’s why we also want to endorse initiatives like this new Chef cookbook for OpenNebula. Thanks!

It is very important to maintain the OpenNebula ecosystem up to date!! That is why we love the work by our community, like for instance the StorPool driver which is now up to date for OpenNebula 4.14.2. Good work!


The third edition of the third OpenNebula Conference was a great success! Three days packed with interesting talks and great experiences exchange. It was a great success thanks to the support and participation of all of our community members, speakers, sponsors and friends. If you missed the conference, now you have a chance to watch the talks in our YouTube channel, download the slides from the slideshare account or take a look to the pictures of the conference.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank again our Platinum Sponsors PTisp and StorPool; Gold Sponsors ungleich (check out their summary of the conference), Xen Server and NodeWeaver; and Silver Sponsors Runtastic and No Limit Network.

One of our sponsors, ungleich, organized this past month an OpenNebula workshop in Digital Glarus, at their enviable location in Switzerland. We are very happy the word is getting out there.

There is a CfP that we want to highlight for a DevOps meetup in Italy. If you are interested in giving a talk or attending, check out their web page. Moreover, we would like to highlight the CfP extension to the FOSDEM16 Virtualization & IaaS DevRoom, if interested in sharing your OpenNebula experience you can send a proposal.

If you are interested in receiving OpenNebula training, check the schedule for 2015 public classes at OpenNebula Headquarters. Next public OpenNebula training will take place next 15th of December in Madrid. Please contact us if your would like to request training near you.

Remember that you can see slides and resources from past events in our Events page. We have also created a Slideshare account where you can see the slides from some of our recent presentations.


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