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New K3s Appliance with Rancher Self-Registration

Marco Mancini

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at OpenNebula

Jun 30, 2021

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In early May we announced that we had incorporated K3s as a new virtual appliance available to all OpenNebula users. K3s is a CNCF-certified, lightweight Kubernetes distribution especially designed for resource-constrained environments, which makes it ideal for edge and IoT deployments. Originally developed by Rancher Labs, K3s was accepted by the CNCF as a Sandbox project in mid-2020. It is distributed as a single binary (<100MB) and with minimal external dependencies, but it provides powerful features such as a local storage provider, a service load balancer, a Helm controller, and the Traefik ingress controller.

OpenNebula is a powerful, but easy-to-use, open source Cloud & Edge Computing platform that helps you deploy Kubernetes and K3s clusters on-premises, on the cloud, or at the edge.  Thanks to the updated K3s Virtual Appliance, already available from our Public Marketplace, OpenNebula users can easily provision multi-node K3s clusters at the edge, with the possibility of configuring a self-registration of those same clusters onto their existing Rancher environment. This new feature allows users to easily automate large-scale Kubernetes deployments using OpenNebula and then manage applications at scale on any infrastructure (on-prem, on a public cloud, or at the edge) using tools like Rancher Fleet for your GitOps workflows.

OpenNebula OnPremDriver

Watch a demo! 🚀

You can see a demonstration of these new features in the talk we presented at SUSECON Digital 2021 along with OpenNebula’s new partner FullStackS, in which we showcased how a technical solution based on combining OpenNebula, Firecracker, K3s, and Rancher provides an innovative approach for leveraging Kubernetes edge deployments at scale 😉

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