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Edge Computing World 2020 – Serverless Computing at the Edge

Cristina Palacios

Business Development Manager

Oct 26, 2020

This year’s edition of Edge Computing World, held on October 12-15, has been a great success, bringing together more than 2000 attendees and over 100 speakers in total. Congratulations to Topio Networks for organizing an event that has brought together a unique collection of edge experiences and insights from across the market, including end user presentations and case studies from leading organizations such as GE Healthcare, Toyota, Boeing, the US Air Force, Rakuten Mobile and Lumen.


This has been an exciting opportunity for OpenNebula to share some of the developments happening around the ONEedge initiative, our new open source edge computing platform. In our presentation, focused on container orchestration at the edge, we have explained the technical details of our recent integration with Firecracker, AWS’s new virtualization technology, and with the Docker Hub marketplace. As part of that talk, we’ve also shown a demo on how to easily deploy and manage a composition of Docker Hub images running as Firecracker microVMs on a distributed bare-metal edge infrastructure.

Take a look at the presentation on your own time, and don’t forget that our White Paper on Edge Computing is already available for download! 🚀


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