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OpenNebula will be attending the Open Source Summit in Bilbao

Pre-event OpenSource Summit Bilbao Cover

Francisco Picolini

Open Source Community Manager at OpenNebula Systems

Sep 1, 2023

Started back in 2009, the Open Source Summit (formerly LinuxCon) is an annual gathering of the Linux Foundation. It started as a conference solely in the US, and then moved to Asia and Europe. This year’s event will take place in the city of Bilbao (Spain), so this is a magnificent opportunity for OpenNebula to attend the Summit.

Following the news that  we have recently become a member of the Linux Foundation Europe, Linex Open Source Summit is a great opportunity to establish new relationships and contacts with some of the most important actors in the Open Source ecosystem.

This will be the second annual gathering since COVID restrictions were lifted, so it represents a return to normality where physical events are once again a regular feature in the calendar.

Why is it important for the Open Source ecosystem?

In person meetings are great for making connections and meeting people. This Summit is one of the few occasions where key actors of the Open Source world are in the same place for a couple of days. For instance, this edition will bring together companies with strong links to the Open Source community, like AWS, Google, Gitlab, and Intel, in addition to Red Hat and Suse.

The diversity of professional participants makes this event a great opportunity for many different people from various backgrounds and levels of expertise to meet in one place. Ultimately, while it is celebratory, this event also showcases the state of the art in different projects. There will be various events and mini-summits around the conference (and around the city), and three full days of activities, talks, and keynotes. You can take a look at the published agenda.

There will be more than 175 talks and 12 micro-conferences inside the Summit. While it is obviously impossible to attend all these different talks and co-hosted events, we will aim to participate in the whole summit (from the membership summit to various parallel events around DevOps and cloud).

Why are we attending the Open Source Summit?

As we are an Open Source Project based in Europe, the benefits are clear. Our objective is to increase our presence at these types of events, sometimes through attendance but also by sponsoring, delivering a talk, or being present with a booth. During the rest of the year, and in 2024, we will increase our presence at events that are connected to our project.

We will collect all the information and give you a debrief right after the event happens. If you are going to be in Bilbao for the Summit, look for the guys with the OpenNebula t-shirt, perhaps you’ll get some stickers and swag.


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