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vOneCloud / OpenNebula at VMworld 2019 US and Europe

Michael Abdou

Customer Success Manager at OpenNebula Systems

Jul 1, 2019

The time is quickly approaching when VMware will be hosting their showcase events in both the US and in Europe. VMworld 2019 is a cornerstone event where everyone with an interest in virtualization and cloud computing will be networking with industry experts, and the OpenNebula team will be in attendance for both:

The OpenNebula team will be running booths within the “Solutions Exchange”, highlighting some of the upcoming “stand-out” features that you’ll be seeing in OpenNebula 5.10 and vOneCloud 3.6.

VMworld Barcelona2018

For example, OpenNebula 5.10 and vOneCloud 3.6 will include support for VMware NSX-V, comprised of main features like:

  • Logical switches
  • Distributed Firewall (DFW)
  • Security Groups (SG)

You’ll soon be able to work with logical switches to create, delete, modify, attach and detach virtualwires through OpenNebula to its instances and templates. Also, microsegmentation will be supported thanks to working in conjunction with Distributed Firewall and Security Groups, enabling the next level of security even for servers on the same network.

Another improvement in the VMware integration will be support for VMRC through Sunstone using HTML5. This will avoid the need to connect directly from the client browser to the ESX running the specific VM to gain console access. Full support for all disk buses (SATA, IDE, SCSI) will be added, as well. And vCenter Driver refactoring, better error handling and performance improvements are all “on the docket”.

There will be plenty to review and highlight. Make sure to take some time to stop by our booth.

In the US / San Francisco event, we will be at Booth # 1669.
Currently, our booth for the EU / Barcelona event is TBD.


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