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June 2019 – OpenNebula Newsletter

Michael Abdou

Customer Success Manager at OpenNebula Systems

Jun 28, 2019

June 2019 OpenNebula Newsletter contains the highlights of the OpenNebula project and its Community throughout the month.


The temperatures are rising, for most of us inhabitants of the Northern hemisphere. And so is our focus on building out OpenNebula 5.10!

We continue to make headway in bringing innovative capabilities to the realm of edge computing. One effort that we have “in the works” is creating a new appliance which will soon be available in our Marketplace, and offer the ability to deploy directly into your cloud and connect to AWS IoT Greengass.

We are also working on beefing up or “hooks” system. Our planned improvements will allow the cloud administrator to be able to manage hooks dynamically via oned, (i.e create, delete, run, etc). Also it will be possible to define hooks for API calls without sacrificing any of the current functionality.

Our current efforts also include support for VMware NSX-V. You’ll be seeing features like:

  • Logical switches
  • Distributed Firewall (DFW)
  • Security Groups (SG)

You’ll soon be able to work with logical switches to create, delete, modify, attach and detach virtualwires through OpenNebula to its instances and templates. Also, microsegmentation will be supported thanks to working in conjunction with Distributed Firewall and Security Groups, enabling the next level of security even for servers on the same network.


This month was chock-full of updates and news for the community. Firstly, we announced OpenNebula’s key participation and membership in the Vapor IO “Kinetic Edge Alliance“. This is a focused effort amongst a coalition of Technology and Service providers to understand the needs within our market for Edge Computing, and to push its development forward, making edge resources and capabilities more accessible and valuable.


Additionally, the Linux Journal published an article on OpenNebula as part of their “FOSS Project Spotlight”, outlining some of the key features of OpenNebula 5.8 that are broadening its reach for integration and usability.

We saw a new contribution to the OpenNebula Add-on catalog this month, increasing the Data Storage add-ons available for use by the community. This one is an “unofficial” data storage driver to integrate with the open-source data storage provider, LINBIT.

Earlier we published a comprehensive and useful document outlining how to best scale your OpenNebula environment to ensure prime performance. And as we gain additional insight and measurable results, we continue to share details with the community. You can read the additional specifications in the “Scalability Testing and Tuning Guide“.

Lastly, you will have seen, as you navigate around the website that we have brought a fresh, new look to the web. Hopefully, you will find your way around the site without issue. If you have feedback, certainly let us know.


The OpenNebulaConf 2019 is quickly approaching, and this month we saw StorPool join the event as a Platinum Sponsor. We give huge thanks to them for helping to make this a must-attend event in the world of Virtualization and Cloud Computing. Be sure to join us in Barcelona, Spain, as the “Early Bird Pricing” is still available. Find out more about the OpenNebulaConf 2019.

vmworld logo

We will also be attending both VMworld 2019 events. These are cornerstone events for all interested in virtualization and cloud computing, and OpenNebula Systems will be in attendance of both the US and European conferences in order to shed some light on upcoming “stand-out” features that you’ll be seeing in OpenNebula 5.10 and vOneCloud 3.6.

Make sure to swing by our booths.

We also have two OpenNebula TechDays approaching in September:

Be on the lookout for agendas to be published very soon.

Stay connected!


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