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July 2019 – OpenNebula Newsletter

Michael Abdou

Customer Success Manager at OpenNebula Systems

Jul 31, 2019

July 2019 OpenNebula Newsletter contains the highlights of the OpenNebula project and its Community throughout the month.


July has come and gone. Sure, it has been hot, but most of the sweat shed this month has come from the really exciting work that we have all been doing here and across the User Community.

Our steady focus on bringing simple, integrated cloud deployment and management to the Edge took another leap ahead in July with our AWS IoT Greengrass deployment. We published a detailed blog post and a video screencast of the entire exercise, outlining just how easy it is to automatically deploy an AWS IoT Greengrass environment, taking advantage of the latest DDC features, as well as utilizing the new AWS Greengrass appliance that we released in the OpenNebula Marketplace

The 5.8.4 HotFix version was released earlier this month. While HotFix releases are available exclusively to OpenNebula Systems Support subscribers, it is helpful to know that issues and new features are continuously being worked on and introduced into the OpenNebula releases.

The OpenNebula Systems team has also been working on dedicated VMware integration capabilities. Right now, NSX-T support for Opaque Networks and NSX-V support for Logical Switches are in “beta” mode and will be made available very soon. We are actively working on other NSX-V features like Security Groups and Distributed Firewalls (DFW).

We also shared some important details about Using LXD on CentOS Hosts with Nested Virtualization, as well as, some helpful documentation on how to best take advantage of miniONE.


A very constructive contribution from the Community came this month from Iguane Solutions, in the form of their Terraform provider, which was recently added to the OpenNebula Add-on Catalog. Iguane Solutions and OpenNebula Systems are working directly with Hashicorp to establish this provider as an “official provider” – to be included in the Hashicorp Official provider GitHub.

StorPool also published a detailed article “VM performance optimization for OpenNebula with KVM” in which they outline a collection of recommendations for improved performance and extending OpenNebula on KVM.


A lot of exciting events are on the brink of taking place in the world of OpenNebula.

From August 25-29, 2019, we will be in attendance at VMworld US in San Francisco, CA. OpenNebula will be at Booth #1669 of the Solutions Exchange, reviewing latest features of vOneCloud and OpenNebula, and providing demos of how to transform your VMware infrastructure into a multi-tenant cloud – drastically reducing complexity and cost. Here are details from an earlier post.

Our annual showcase event – OpenNebulaConf 2019 – is fast-approaching, and we published the exciting agenda with newly added “Hacking and Development Workshops“, in addition to Keynotes and Presentations from active members in the community, and the interactive Hands-on Tutorial. Don’t forget to register soon – before the “Early Bird Discount” ends!

And September will be bringing two OpenNebula TechDays, hosted by active users in the OpenNebula Community.

Remember – OpenNebula TechDays are open to everyone and the registration is FREE.

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