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OpenNebula Ansible Project one-deploy v1.0.0 is here!

Ruben S. Montero

Chief Technology Advisor at OpenNebula

Dec 14, 2023

We are delighted to release the v1.0.0 of the OpenNebula Ansible Project, one-deploy 🥳 

Released back in August, the OpenNebula Ansible project comprises a series of playbooks and roles enabling an easy, seamless setup of your OpenNebula Cloud. Licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0, this project caters to a diverse range of users. Whether you’re a small business establishing a private cloud or a large corporation aiming to streamline your cloud management processes, these playbooks provide a robust and flexible solution.

Some of the key features of this release:

  1. Support for both single and HA (High Availability) OpenNebula Front-ends.
  2. Support for apache2/passenger for achieving high-performance Sunstone.
  3. Built-in support for Ceph, including deployment of Ceph clusters by themselves (via the ceph-ansible project).
  4. Automated Prometheus and Grafana deployment (EE-only).

Check the release notes for the complete set of new features and bug fixes. 

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  1. Sanyaade

    Great! I need to really master Ansible and Terraform

    Time to roll up my sleeve over the Xmas holiday


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