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OpenNebula 6.6 “Electra”: Boosting Support for Day-2 Cloud Operations

Alberto P. Martí

VP of Open Source Innovation at OpenNebula Systems

Dec 21, 2022

OpenNebula 6.6 “Electra” is the fourth stable release of the OpenNebula 6 series, with an expressed focus on equipping and supporting Day-2 operations for production deployments. Almost every component of OpenNebula has been designed to target usability and functional improvements driven by the needs of its community of users and customers. As an enterprise-class product, OpenNebula offers a simple upgrade path to get to the most current version.

⭐ This OpenNebula 6.6 release provides some key features and integrations that are designed to afford robust and simple maintenance, monitoring, and optimization for your enterprise cloud. One exciting addition is the new integration of Prometheus for enterprise monitoring, which includes packaging of a pre-configured Prometheus instance with metrics tailored for the optimal observability of an OpenNebula cloud. It also includes Prometheus Alert Manager with predefined alarms that can be enabled to react to issues with OpenNebula operations. Additionally, “Electra” provides a new set of three dynamic dashboards for Grafana, the open observability platform:

OpenNebula6 6 Grafana

⭐ Another new addition to OpenNebula 6.6 is a fully revamped Backup solution, based on datastore backends instead of private marketplaces as the previous solution offered, and a new type of image to represent datastores allowing for tier-based backup policies, leverage access control and quota systems, as well as support for different storage and backup technologies. It’s now possible to perform incremental backups based on two provided backup drivers: restic (which includes advanced features like compression, bandwidth limit, concurrent connections to a backend, among others) and rsync.

⭐ Another area that has received several improvements to fit the requirements of Telco Cloud Providers is networking. The new features introduce several quality-of-life improvements for managing virtual networks, including live-updates of network attributes without the need of detaching and reattaching vNICs. Additionally, we have added more flexibility in the selection of PCI passthrough devices, and enhanced support for SR-IOV virtual functions.

As usual, this new release is named after a nebula. In this case, OpenNebula 6.6 is named after the Electra Nebula, the reflection dust cloud (coded “vdB 20”) associated with the Electra star, a blue-white giant star in the constellation of Taurus and the third-brightest star in the Pleiades cluster 🤓

OpenNebula 6.6 “Electra” is considered to be a stable release and as such it is available to update production environments 🚀

PS – We’d like to thank all the people that support the project. OpenNebula is what it is thanks to its community! Please keep rocking. Also, part of the new functionality in OpenNebula 6.6 has been funded by project OneSmartCosts – CDTI IDI-20221005 👏


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