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November 2022 – OpenNebula Newsletter

Alberto P. Martí

VP of Open Source Innovation at OpenNebula Systems

Dec 1, 2022

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The beta of our new OpenNebula 6.6 ‘Electra’ is almost ready! 🤓 Get ready for a number of great features and integrations, and don’t forget your help is very much appreciated as we finish up this new release and incorporate your valuable feedback. A quick way to do that is to respond to our recent Call for Translations!

And, yes, this new version is also, as usual, named after a nebula: in this case, the reflection dust cloud associated with the Electra star, a blue-white giant star in the constellation of Taurus and the third-brightest star in the Pleiades cluster 🔭

Keep an eye on the new OpenNebula 6.6 for the fully revamped Backup solution that we’ve developed! It is based on datastore backends instead of private marketplace, and comes with a new type of image to represent datastores. This will allow you, for example, to implement tier-based backup policies and leverage access control and quota systems. You’ll be able to perform incremental backups based on two provided backup drivers: restic (which includes features like compression, bandwidth limit, concurrent connections to a backend, among others) and rsync. This functionality is exposed through the OpenNebula API, the CLI and also Sunstone.
Over and Out!


After several years attending and speaking at the Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting (FOSDEM), the iconic annual Brussels-based event born back in 2000 , we are super happy to announce that OpenNebula Systems will be sponsoring FOSDEM 2023, the first physical edition since 2020! 🇧🇪

We’ll be organizing an informal meeting in Brussels for our local community (more news to come in a few weeks’ time), but in the meantime, we keep working with those of you interested in sharing your experience on how your organizations are getting the most out of OpenNebula. Kudos to EveryMatrix for helping us produce our latest Case Study! 👏

And we also keep working with the broader open source community in a number of initiatives, including those around Telco Cloud and Edge. That’s why, as members of the Linux Foundation, CNCF, and LF Edge, we very much welcome the creation of the Sylva open source project by the Linux Foundation Europe, aimed at reducing the fragmentation of the European Telco Cloud infrastructure! 💪


As anticipated some weeks ago, in November we’ve had the opportunity to visit Paris to participate in the Open Source Experience 2022 🇫🇷  It’s been great to see so many friends and colleagues, and contribute with a presentation on how we see the open source ecosystem evolving in Europe. And speaking of ecosystems, we are really glad to be supporting the Structura-X lighthouse project, which was officially presented a few weeks ago at the GAIA-X Summit!

And don’t forget that the OpenNebula team is growing! Visit our Careers page for more details about our all-remote policy and the open positions that you can apply to 😉


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